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    This is the meeting class for all teachers, students, and staff of City View High School.

  • Economics-P1 (S23)

    This course focuses on a greater understanding of economics ranging from the viewpoint of the consumer/small business (Microeconomics) to the national economy (macroeconomics). The course will study the laws of supply/demand, business, government finances, and influence on the economy, as well as personal finance topics.

  • US History-P2 (S23)

    The course presents a general survey of the history of the United States from the colonial era to the present. Students will utilize a variety of primary and secondary sources and will reinforce their writing, research, and critical thinking skills through independent research, writing, and discussion.

  • World History-P5(S23)

    This course will have a law-related approach to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding how to function in a law-oriented society. The course will provide information and competency building activities designed to provide students with the ability to analyze, evaluate and learn to resolve disputes.